I know we’re all supposed to be putting a halt to all the treats after the holidays.  It’s supposed to be gruel and salad this time of year.
Meh.  It’s cold and the only thing really that will keep us all going is a wee bit of chocolate.
Maybe in cookie form?
With a bit of chilli in it too?
The trick is to not eat them all and the way to avoid that is to NOT avoid all the goodies out there.  Enjoy.  The only time I’ve truly been crazy about watching what I eat and saying no to everything was when I was my heaviest.  Then instead of one cookie I desperately wanted (and had) a dozen.
Forget about it and the weight comes off at the same time that the unnecessary worry does.
Have a cookie.
Butter, sugar and spice is whipped together before adding eggs.
Cocoa and flour is added for a rich batter.
Roll in chipotle scented sugar and bake until just set-they’ll be squidgy on the top.
Perfect for munching on and even nicer to share.