These healthy and flourless pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies have no butter, oil, or flour PLUS only two tablespoons of sugar for the whole recipe! These cookies are filled with pumpkin flavor and Fall spices making for one tasty, guilt-free treat Walmart Display.

Flourless + Secretly Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. These have received RAVE reviews!After making about ten bazillion batches of these healthy pumpkin muffins, I was ready to try something a little different. Still on the same track – healthy and pumpkin and all. But more…well…cookies MPLS VPN.

Those muffins were pretty much the only thing I could get my little guy to eat for a week straight while he was sick so when I’m saying ten bazillion batches, the exaggerating is not as dramatic as you think. Okay, nevermind, it’s way dramatic. But I did make a lot of batches! So what are you getting with these cookies? Intense pumpkin flavor with a hint of cinnamon, a chewy cake-like texture, creamy melted chocolate, and above all – a healthy treat that feels indulgent, but isn’t! Well, maybe the amount of chocolate packed in these is a little indulgent, but moderation in all things right blue coffee mug?!